New students for the children's program are always welcome, but must make an appointment with their parent before visiting the dojo.  Our classes are for ages 4 through 12.  

 Every Monday and Wednesday: 17:15-18:15

Kids' Class Fee:  $100 per month (no contract/no minimum commitment)

Why Aikido for Kids

Martial arts is an activity which can develop a child's positive sense of self on a multitude of levels.   This is especially true of aikido because of the non-combative/non-competitive philosophy.  There are no tournaments/competitions, so each students progress at a pace best suited for them

Our Focus:  Self Defense, Self Awareness, and Self Empowerment. .

Self Defense:  Increased balance, energy levels, endurance and more, are just a few of the physical benefits kids are exposed to during classes.  Students will learn conflict resolution through harmoniously redirecting an attacker's energy.  The physical applications will be studied on a weekly basis in the dojo, but lessons will be taught on how to apply and relate concepts in a non-physical manner.

Self Awareness:  The basis for our program is clearly self defense.  However, the benefits of aikido training go much deeper.  Students will learn invaluable life skills including patience, discipline, and the over all development of who they are in their daily lives.  This is a class designed to bring an internal and external balance to a students every day life. 

Self Empowerment:  Through physical fitness and aikido life skill lessons, students will discover move focus and determined motivation throughout their lives.