When did you last use aikido outside the dojo walls?

I don’t know if this will count, but last night I had to ask some men shooting fireworks off of our roof to stop. I think aikido has been teaching me courage. For example doing the rolls this morning, before aikido I could never have let Hoff Sensei flip me. I would’ve freaked out and left. So accosting men with explosives (albeit decorative ones) is small in comparison.
— Kate Murphy

Aikido outside the dojo is usually when trying to remember ways to get around a colleague misunderstanding what the objective is of a conversation. And having to find ways to use their own words to turn the direction around. All about reminding myself to blend and redirect before it turns into an argument.
— Ariana 'Mushu' Koblitz

During my daily commute involving crowds and subway delays, I’ve been trying to practice breathing and zazen. Especially when smushed between a crowd of people, I find myself thinking about that O Sensei quote that goes, ‘forget about your little self, detach yourself from objects, and you will radiate light and warmth. Light is wisdom, warmth is compassion.’ It reminds me take the focus off of myself and those petty nuisances.
— Sarah Chin

I see aikido in action every day when I walk my little wiener dog! Because she is so low to the ground, she is regularly able to pull me off balance despite only weighing twelve pounds! If I keep her leash close to my hip, I’m able to manage her bread-loaf-sized ferocity with ease!
— Brian Battjer